Friday, August 12, 2011

Technical difficulties

I tried to make a video last night, but my game making efforts are being pushed into a virtual machine so that I can keep all of my personal stuff of my work laptop.  Hypercam2, which is what I use for recording videos, locks up my VM every time I try and run it.  I am going to try and find a replacement today.  The video I was ready to make was how no load Android apps on the Blackberry Playbook.  I know that this is not directly tied to the current project, but it is related because I need a device to test my game on and this is the only mobile device I have access to at the moment.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Been a while!

So I meant to do some posts and videos a while back but it didn't quite work out.  The software that enables you to run Android apps on the Blackberry Playbook came out and I wanted to see if I could get the game running on the Playbook.  That is when I found out that there are some issues with the current version of the Authoring Tool when it comes to publishing Android apps.  I tried for several days before posting to the ShiVa forum (I'm stubborn!).  They told me that the beta version works and that the full version would be released very soon.  Of course if you are a paying customer you get access to the beta version, but alas, I am not a paying customer yet.  Long story short, I was waiting on that and it still hasn't materialized.  What I am going to do instead is do a video on getting Android apps working on the Playbook in preparation for when I will get the Authoring Tool that will work.  Oh, and my computer crashed, so I am still recovering from that =)  In fact I am installing ShiVa as I write this.