Monday, November 14, 2011


I have uncovered a backup of my hard drive! I forgot that I had kept my backup in an eSata enclosure that I had removed from my backpack when heading on a business trip.  I left it on my workbench in the garage--shows you how often I use the workbench.  Anyway, it appears to be the most recent version of the game.  I should be starting videos again and will most likely start back up by jumping into Blender so that we can do some nice versions of some of our assets.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ok, so yes, it has been an incredibly long time since I have posted.  My computer issues were more than I originally thought and I have lost all of my project files - including my backups (don't ask).  Luckily the code was backed up on github and I am reconstructing things from there.  Shouldn't be too bad really.  The code was the only serious work, the actual models were stock for the most part.  I also have been working on getting a Hackintosh up and running because I have had alot of people asking about iOS and I didn't have a good way to work on that since it requires a Mac.  Why a Hackintosh?  Simply because I can't afford to shell out the money for a Mac, but I do have access to PCs.  I purchased Snow Leopard for $30 from the Apple app store and now have it running on a Latitude e6410.  If anyone is interested in the process, I could probably do a run down of how I got it running and what my current issues are.  For the most part it just works.

Oh, and I went to Blackberry Devcon and have some exciting news about the direction that RIM is taking for their future platforms.  I was very excited to see ShiVa3D mentioned multiple times.  I will do a full write up soon!